It happened again, and

I’m so sorry. My last post was a month ago. The semester started and it’s already been wild. I love all my classes, and have been reading a little less than diligently. I started well—I was two readings ahead on every class, and then I caught a really bad bug for a week, and the fever and lethargy just got to me. But tomorrow, Monday, is a holiday so I hope that extra day is enough to kick me right back into shape.

Last week was RecWeek for orgs at uni and it was so tiring. Everyday I had to render hours upon hours at my org booths, and I guess for superintroverts like me, that’s a really taxing thing to do. This weekend was a great opportunity to recharge. I’ll probably write about it in the next post. Maybe I should binge-post about this year’s travels on here, I dunno, I missed quite a lot.

Anyway, anyone else feel the need to make lists of everything? Because that need is pretty strong with me.

Things I need to talk about on this blog

  1. Travels (Hawaii, Pulilan, Tagaytay… I’m probably missing something)
  2. Stuff I learn about at uni that I don’t want to forget / an attempt at Mint the Memorious, which just isn’t what I am
  3. Formative favorites (books, short stories, readings, YouTubers, films, music)
  4. The political climate of the Philippines these days—this is pretty interesting to look into right now, since politics has been really turbulent because of our current president, and all the time my mind feels so heavy because this is what I’ve been thinking about lately

So if you’re a reader of this blog, then that’s hopefully interesting things you can look forward to.


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