A day of small victories

I got nothing achieved today. I had four things on my to-do list but I got nothing done. On a regular day I’d be eaten by anxiety at my unproductivity and idle time, but today I am grateful for this time to pause.

Today my family and I (except Mom) went to church, and then went to Eastwood, where we ate in Cibo. My sister and I bought a bunch of skincare products from Etude House, and bottoms from Uniqlo. Then we went home and helped Migs with his math homework. Linear equations and it took the combined efforts of me, Dad, Inna, and Benjamin to get things done. And then I did shopping of another sort—sifting through Mom’s makeup collection to see which palettes I can haul off into my room.

5 eye shadow palettes. I found 5 eye shadow palettes she’s never touched, and a lot of brushes.

I played a bit with makeup, and then put the skincare products to good use. My skin is now so soft and smooth that it almost looks polished. As in, shined. Vigorously. Inna and I had a good laugh about it, and a better laugh about her fivehead being too big for the sheet mask to accommodate, but otherwise, good laughs.

I spent the night thinking about being productive… and I never got around to it. I spent my time absent-mindedly clicking around until Pewds uploaded a new video. He always does at around 11 PM Phil time, so I like to watch before bed. But it’s 2 AM now and I’m still up.

I think I’ll pass on work tomorrow because I can feel some pretty bad cramps coming. All this is okay with me. And I have this tonight to keep me warm too:

Of Monsters and Men are kind of mediocre to me, but this has a great ambiance to it.

Signing off and sleeping now!


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