Just wanted to say this really quickly:

What a wonderful, sudden, unexpected burst of inspiration I’ve just had. Last night in the seconds before I fell asleep an idea for a Tinyletter sprung into my mind and I’m so happy. I ran it through a couple people today and it floated so well with them, so I’m really excited to see where it goes. Some planning to do first, though.

Also just got word this morning that I got accepted into a Harvard conference I applied to! I am very, very game to go—just need my parents’ permission to let me attend the conference, which entails flying to Massachusetts, staying at a hotel on my own. With Mikee, of course, who also got accepted. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I only hope I get to go.

Currently looking at internships to see where I can fit myself into. I want to be doing human rights and development work, so let’s hope I sail in that direction, and that that direction takes me in.

Many things to be excited about!



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