Much has changed and happened since my last post on here. I’m not even going to start with apologies for not updating anymore, as has become custom on this blog, because for once I was too busy doing things not in front of my laptop. Count this as the update post. First: I’m done with… Continue reading Anyways


Or not. I palpitate, it’s crazy. I don’t really do coffee. Which means what keeps me up is sheer willpower, but that also means when I don’t have willpower, I really can’t stay up. Which is unbelievably unfortunate for a student in uni. I really should be doing other things but here I am, writing… Continue reading Caffeine?

Scenes II

The last day my best friend I see each other before she flies back to the States. We’re both having breakfast—spaghetti and waffles—with the full knowledge that we don’t know when we’re seeing each other next. Months? Years? We are not saying goodbyes, not yet. We’re talking like we would any other time. She is… Continue reading Scenes II

Scenes I

At Berch, sitting at my desk and watching my tousled-hair philosophy of religion professor pace on the front of the classroom, back and forth, peripatetic, looking exactly like the thoughts zooming through his mind. Before this great lecture I find him outside, just staring out the window, arms outstretched and supporting his weight, just thinking. Philosophizing.… Continue reading Scenes I